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9 reasons why you should study in Canada

Do you wish to study in Canada but undecided? You’re not alone. Millions of prospective Canadian students fail to make a move due to fear and skepticism. Thus, unable to actualise their goal. If your dream is to study in Canada but you’re still stalling, here are nine reasons why you should study in Canada. Let them help you decide now.


Quality education

Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world. It’s of the highest standards. A degree from a Canadian university commands similar respect as those from the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. In fact, some universities in Canada are better ranked.

A 2016 ranking showed that three Canadian universities came tops out of 50 world institutions. See? You unlock doors to greatness when you study in Canada.

Affordable education

Quality education is expensive to acquire anywhere in the world. Right? Well, let’s just say it is more affordable to get in Canada.

As at 2014, the average cost of tuition fee for undergrad program was $16,746 a year in Canada. When it was $24,914 in the United States and $21,365 in the United Kingdom.

For an international student who still needs to pay rent and feed, this is a huge relieve. There’s extra cash to safe. So when you consider this, you find it easy to conclude that studying in Canada is your most affordable choice.

Work while you study

Another reason why you should study in Canada is that you can work as you study. As a student, you have the right to work up to 20 hours a week during school periods. A privilege that is rare to come by. Most countries demand that you acquire a work permit before you earn an income. But, you see, Canada is an entirely different place.

When you study in Canada, your study permit determines if you can work off-campus or only on campus. In any case, you can easily make part of your tuition fee as you study.

Possibility of immigration

There are a number of programs in Canada to help international students acquire a permanent residence status after they graduate. For example, the Post-Graduation Work Permit encourage graduates to stay in Canada after their studies. They can work and gather some Canadian work experience which could prove useful in the future.

Consequently, many international students usually secure the Canadian PR after their education. One report in 2015 pegs the statistics of international graduates with the permanent residence at 51%.

But this is not the case in most countries around the world. As you would know, you only acquire a temporary residence when you study abroad. And as soon as your program is completed, or when you graduate, you are expected to return back home.

For more information about your possibility of immigrating to Canada immediately after studies, visit the Canada’s Immigration and Citizenship website.


High standard of living on campus

Canada is a well-developed country; such that the standard of living you her inhabitants is very high.This is not surprising for a country of Canada’s stature.

It is commonplace in Canada for universities and colleges to have sophisticated facilities. From sports facilities to beautiful concert halls and art galleries. Canada’s campuses offer you a variety of possibilities for learning and leisure.



Another major reason why a lot of students choose to study in Canada is the personal safety that is guaranteed there. Canadians are very friendly lots.  Their friendliness has earned them good reputation and awards.. The United Nations have ranked the country as the world’s best places to live in for eight years now. And that’s a sensational feat!

Moreover, the people of Canada are protected by the law. They are free to exercise their freedom and so are international students. All leading to a very peaceful and safe society with a very, very low crime rate.


Soaring employment rate

Educational institutions in Canada are bent on entering into new partnerships with corporate companies in Canada and beyond. Presently, over 5000 of such collaborations are in place. This is why several job prospects are available to international grads in different Canadian industries.

A report indicated that about 90.1% of university graduates secure jobs in no more than two years after graduation. Showing the high rate of employment in Canada.


Getting student visa made very easy

Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration unit have modified the requirements for the Canadian student visa (study permit). This is because of Canada’s status as a major destination for international students. A host of changes were recently made to the system, including the following:

All visa holders must be enrolled and pursuing a course of study, actively at a particular educational institution, upon arrival to retain legal status.

Institutional eligibility will be given out by the government. Only international students admitted to these schools will be granted visas and work permits.

Work permits will henceforth be granted only to full-time students who are in active pursuit of a degree, diploma or certificate with a maximum workweek of 20 hours. Eligible institutions will report to the government and the CIC on international enrollment and statistics, and will be expected to comply with a group of common standards.


Education is the Canadian government’s priority

Canada’s International Educational Strategy recently announced that by 2022, it hopes to double the number of international students to 450,000. That’s a huge number, isn’t it?

Canada also has a priority for attracting international students in the educational sector using a lot of strategies. 


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