Countries that allow family immigration through study and work visas

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Countries that allow family immigration through study and work visas

Leaving a spouse behind to travel abroad for studies is never easy especially for the newly married. Sometimes, some international students intentionally do this as proof of family ties to their country home. This may be okay to some, but there’re other ways to go about this. The good news is that some countries allow family immigration (dependent) through study and work visa. In this post, we shall be focusing on the lists of countries that offer dependent visas for international students.

Foreign students looking for opportunities to travel with their family either through study or work visa may need to apply to certain countries. Some countries allow family immigration. Amongst the popular ones are Canada, the UK, Germany, the USA, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, and New Zealand.


You may wish to study and work in a particular country, but if your spouse or dependent is of great value to you, then there is a need to have a change of plan. Although this may look like an ‘escape route’; with a correct defense at the embassy during the visa interview, you are likely going to get your dependent visa approved.


The Dependent Visa is recognized by some countries allowing foreign students or individuals with a work visa to bring in their spouse, kids to the country where they’re studying at. Each country has its rules as regards family immigration, it is essential, you check the rules, immigration policies before applying.

Let’s take a look at some of the countries that grant dependent visas for international students.


Countries that allow family immigration through study and work visas

Canada is among the preferred study abroad countries for international students. Canada offers various visa types ranging from study visas, work, tourist, business, and other residency programs. Ordinarily, as a foreign student, you are expected to travel alone strictly for study purposes, but a study in Canada, amply, allow a foreign student to bring a dependent to stay with him/ her in the new country.

International students studying a full-time course in Canada can apply for a dependent visa. Some conditions must be met, and once fulfilled, your spouse or kids will be joining you any time soon.

To bring in your spouse or kid through a study or work visa in Canada, here are ways on how to go about it.
If you’re planning to study in a Canadian university, you can submit your application for a study visa alongside that of your spouse or kid(s)but it is not the best, because, in the end, you may get your Canadian study permit rejected.

Another method is to apply first, and when your study permit to Canada is approved, you can then apply for your dependents. This option is mostly used. With this, you and your family can stay in the same country while you are studying or working in Canada.

Required documents for family immigration to Canada
• Student proof of enrollment: To start the application process, send an email to
• A letter of invitation to the relative. Check the IRCC website for more details
• Copy of valid Study Permit

As a registered student, you must have your study permit. The permit stays valid while you’re still studying. Canada offers a post-study visa, which enables students to stay back after their studies. If you’re planning to bring in any of your dependents to Canada, you’re expected to apply during your study year in Canada.

Relationship with the dependent

You’re to provide evidence showing your relationship with the dependent you want to bring to Canada. For your spouse, a copy of your marriage certificate, while individuals with kids are to provide their birth certificate bearing the same surname.

Proof of sufficient funds

You must prove that you can cater to your dependent by providing sufficient funds as your bank account statement, which must be current. Even though the purpose of the visa is to allow your spouse to work while you study, you should be able to provide for the dependent pending when he/she secures a job.



Australia is one of the best countries in the world offering quality education and standard living. Just like Canada, Australia offers permanent residency programs which permit a foreigner to travel with his/her family to Australia. International students and persons with a work visa are allowed to bring a family member to the country through the Dependent Visa program which you can attach a visa application for them with your original student visa application or apply their visa application after you have begun your study program in Australia.
Please note: It’s not an automatic process, there are requirements for that. Visit the Australian official website: to get the requirements.


Germany is an ideal place to study and work. It is one of the countries offering dependent visas for international students. German public universities are tuition-free for international students, but a blocked account is needed.

Foreign students can bring their family members to Germany during their study period under the student spouse visa for Germany but must provide all the requirements. A German visa for family members of international students is a residence permit that allows your non-EU/EEA relatives to visit and remain in Germany while you are studying in Germany with a German Residence Permit. German family visa holders can work in Germany if they are of working age and have the required qualifications.

New Zealand


new zealand

Here is another country offering residency programs. New Zealand is an English-speaking country, known to have one of the best immigration policies for international students and foreigners as a whole. International students can apply for a post-study work visa for up to 4 years through the post-study work visa. A foreign student can bring his/her spouse to New Zealand, and also, with the spouse visa, it permits the dependent to work with some conditions attached.



The country may not be among the popular destinations for international students, but it allows family immigration. Brazil is a country located in the southern part of America. It is a great country with a rich culture extended to visitors. International students and those permitted to work in Brazil can go along with their spouses. It is listed in the countries offering spouse visas for international students.

United Kingdom

Countries that allow family immigration through study and work visas

The UK system of education is superb, but the tuition fee is the greatest challenge for many international students. The amazing thing about applying to a UK university is that the admission process is smooth, allowing students to apply to five institutes at a time through the online portal of UCAS.

Before now, foreign students who couldn’t find a job related to their discipline are expected to leave the country once they complete their studies in the UK but things have changed, as the country now allows students to stay up to 18 months after studies to search for work.

Excitingly, the country offers family immigration. If you intend to bring in any of your family members, the UK may be an option, on the other hand, you may want to consider the UK taxation system before making this move.


Countries that allow family immigration through study and work visas

The United States is among the favorites when it comes to studying abroad education. The country has friendly immigration policies for international students. An international student may travel to the United States with their spouse or dependents. The international student’s spouse may apply for their F-2 or J2 visas together as the international student does for his or her F-1 or J-1 visa, or they can apply for their F-2 or J-2 visas when they so wish. If their visa application is approved, they can enter the United States at the same time as the foreign student or at a later time.

After receiving proper permission, J-2 dependents are granted work in the United States, you have some advantages. This authorization can be applied for after the J-2 holder has entered the country. They will be given an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card and will be able to begin working once that is approved. The EAD cards have a 12-month validity period and can be extended once a year.




You can apply for a spouse visa while studying and working in Ireland. Irish universities are considered to be among the best in the world, with plenty of scholarship programs available to EU and non-EU students. In case you’re considering your dependents coming to Ireland while your program is still running, there is no cause for alarm, the county offers a dependent visa for international students.



To apply for a family immigration visa, first, you need to check the official websites of your intending countries to know the ones that you are qualified to apply to. Also, look at the path you want to take and the countries that are renowned for it. Very importantly, in as much as you want your family to be around you, you should also check the costs of fending for yourself and a dependent.

Although most schools abroad offer study and work opportunities to international students, with the possibility of getting a scholarship, however, you should not hope on this if you’re planning for your family to join you in your new country.

That been said, these countries listed here allow family immigration under the dependent visa. Check through the countries to make an informed decision.